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Our mission is to make sure we advise our clients on the statutes, regulations and rules within the industry…

Think Ghana Series: Agriculture Sector

* Legal Services

The food and agriculture industry is unique, growing and has specific legal needs that cannot always be met with a mere generalized practice.

1. The Team has Lawyers & Experts Specializing in:

Agricultural Financing

Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural Labour

Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural Processing

Agricultural Infrastructure

Agricultural Credit

Agricultural Pensions

Regulatory Licencing and Permitting

Trade Marks and Branding

Financing of Farms

Land use for Farms and Food Production

Compliance with Best Management Practices

Contracts and Agreements drafting

Commodity future trading



Land Tenure and Land Tenancy System

Secured Transaction

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment trading

Wildlife breeding and Collecting business (Official representative of Eublah Exotics: Eublah Exotics

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Private Equity & Joint Ventures

Contract Law

Commercial Law (Commercial Agreements)

Trading in approved Agro-Chemicals

Agric Sale of Goods


Investment structures, funding and trade finance

2. Commercial Agriculture Operations.

3. Agricultural Infrastructures.

4. As Modern Technologies and Processes Emerges.

Technology related Trade and Commerce in the Agro Industry

Agricultural Engineering


Intellectual Property

Rural Industries

5. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Food and Agriculture Industry.


Farming Rights

Women in Agriculture

Food Security and Production

The Right to Food

Environmental laws

Climate Change

Animal law

6. Our Team Also Deals With.




Land Use


Farm equipment and machine