Services / Other Sectors

Services / Other Sectors

* Commodities

(1.) Cashew, (2.) Dried Cassava Chips, (3.) Cassava Powder, (4.) Cassava Flour, (5.) Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Cake, Chocolates, Cocoa Pebbles (6.) Soya Beans, (7.) Shea Butter, (8.) Shea Nuts, (9.) Palm Oil, (10.) Coconut Oil, (11.) Groundnut Oil, (12.) Maize (white, yellow),(13.) Millet, (14.) Sorghum, (15.) Yam (White & Puna), (16.) Cassava, (17.) Gari, (18.) Mango (Exotic & local), (19.) Ginger, (20.) Groundnut .

* Legal/Permitted Wildlife Trading

We are representatives and lawyers of Eublah Exotics, breeders of quality exotic wildlife. Eublah Exotics is a registered wildlife breeding and collecting business in Ghana. They have been in the wildlife trade close to 20years. Their main business is the export of mammals, reptiles, amphibious, arthropods and tortoises. Eublah Exotic is also a registered wildlife broker business in Ghana. As animal law Practitioners, we ensure that Eublah Exotics strictly follow all International Laws, Conventions and Ghana law and policies on Wildlife trading. For more information on our wildlife trading visit … Eublah Exotics

* Farmer based Organization(FBOs) & Farmer Co-operations

FALS forms farmer-centered associations, owned, controlled and run by the farmers themselves to realize their common social and cultural needs and aspirations. Co-operatives are formed to introduce the business and entrepreneurial principles into the lives of farmers. Farmers are put together to form an identifiable group, a document is created to record membership, executives and contracts of members. This new identifiable body is registered with the Department of Co-operatives which has the mandate of registering the farmers into co-operatives. FALS together with the leadership of the co-operatives will then work on behalf of the entire members for their mutual benefits.

Such benefits include :- Direct sourcing of assistance for the farmers agrochemicals, implements and other extension sources from government and various agricultural institutions, Donor Agencies and NGOs. FALS will also train them in ways to engage Financiers and Creditors in negotiations to access credit for farmers operations FALS also helps co-operatives and their members to develop the skills of business planning, financial management and administration to become self-sustaining agribusiness person.

* Agriculture Equipment & Machinery (Tractors, Combined Harvester and Farm Implements)

* Agriculture Support Services (Storage-Silos, silage bags; Post harvest lines; Processing plants for maize and soya beans; Turnkey solutions for livestock farming; Feedmill; Safety Equipment for Farmers)

Most farmer Based Organizations are made up of small -scale Farmers. They do not have access to basic inputs and services, such as seeds, fertilizer, machinery services, market information and credit. They again lack the farming and business skills to manage their farms and products. Food and Agriculture Legal Services (FALS)helps such farmers to overcome these and other constraints. Other Agricultural support services include Storage-silos, Silage bags, Post Harvest lines, Processing Plants for Maize and Soya Beans, Turnkey solution for livestock farming, feedmill and Safety Equipment for farmers.

* FBOs, Cooperatives and Small Farmer Financing

* Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Food and Agriculture Legal Services (FALS) in collaboration with Henson Geodata Technologies is providing (GIS) based solutions and management systems to locate people, businesses and services, running its own map of Africa on its servers and utilize the map as a basis for software and other solutions. Also (GIS) has technology solutions including agriculture and e-commerce.